A Walk in the Forest

There are lots of forests and mountains near me where, as of recently, I often go walking. As such they provide many of my photo subjects, so you’ll be seeing a lot of that kind of thing. To start us off, I’ve got a photograph I took of a large tree, followed by a couple of edits. I shan’t go into the exact details of what I’ve done to each version, but I’ll try to give a general idea. And just to be clear: I don’t take credit for the post processing techniques used. They were all learnt from the fantastic tutorials on GIMP Guru (I shall link to them at the end).

There are a good few images following. If you don’t want to go through the whole post, just check out the gallery directly below, and then please do vote to let me know which one you like best!

Now, below you’ll find all the photos, one by one. So once you know which one is your favourite, don’t hesitate to vote.

First, the original unedited image. I converted it from RAW to JPEG as is, resized it and added a watermark. No other editing has been applied to this one.

A forest scene

A forest scene

Next, another image with minimal editing. This one, however, has been made black and white, simply by changing the image mode from RGB to Greyscale (see the GIMP Guru B&W tutorial for details).

A forest scene, in greyscale


Next, we return to colour. However, this time I have added an overlaid layer with modified colours, and a Gaussian blur applied. As explained in the GIMP Guru tutorial mentioned below, this gives the photograph a more dreamy feel. There are two photos to look at – both work with essentially the same technique but with slight differences which I shan’t go into here.

A forest scene, with blur and colour changes applied


A forest scene, with blurred and colour changed layers for a dreamy feel


Next, take a look at a dreamy version with the mode set to greyscale.

A forest scene, with blur layer and greyscale applied

Dreamy, greyscale

Finally, the dreamy photo again, but this time using channel decomposition to get a black and white image (again, see the GIMP Guru tutorial if you don’t know how to do this).

A forest scene, with a blur layer and in black and white

Dreamy, B&W

Related GIMP tutorials

And finally, one which I haven’t yet tried on this photo. I decided to give you the link nonetheless, because it’s the kind of thing you might want to try with your own forest photos.

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